Assessment of the Assessment Plan

Driving enhancements to an evolving learning experience.

As the College and departments review intended learning outcomes for their students, they will also review the current assessment measures, and revise or complement them with additional measures that might be helpful or more appropriate to the evolving learning experience. The College will do the following to assess its assessment plan:

  • Conduct an annual College-wide assessment forum to review College and department learning goals and expected student learning outcomes in terms of what the students must demonstrate in knowledge, skill and values as derived from the mission of the College and its degree programs. In particular, the forum will reinforce faculty review and analysis of the assessment results of measures connected to recently graduated students and alumni. Departments will present examples of their assessments on an occasional and rotational basis.
  • Individual departments will periodically review their program assessment plans and the status of measures and evidence gathered in order to insure that learning objectives are incorporated in the appropriate courses and related learning experiences.  The department may choose to review all or part of its assessment plan on annual periodic basis depending on the learning or program goals.  The department should define a regular yet manageable program of review that it conducts, documents, reflects upon and acts upon accordingly.  The results of these deliberations will be collected by the Dean’s office and stored in the Compliance Assist software system that the University is using as a mechanism to report to the Middle States Commission.   
  • The office of the Dean will provide all faculty members with the University suggested template and related instructions for the creation of course syllabi prior to each semester.  The instructions will remind faculty members to include concrete, measureable learning objectives/outcomes as a stated component of their course syllabus.  In addition, the Dean’s office will provide reference resources to full and part-time faculty related to assessment and the development of measurable learning goals. 
  • Copies of all syllabi will be maintained by the Dean’s office and the University Library.
  • The Dean will ask that faculty form a representative executive assessment committee for the College that will advise on the various assessment measures and activities defined in this plan and its related program plans.
  • Assessment information and summary reports will be shared as required and appropriate.
  • Every five years, the Dean will ask the faculty to form an Assessment Plan Evaluation Task Force, consisting of representative members of the faculty, which will review the College’s written assessment plan and provide recommendations to the College for its information and action.

The individual departmental and program assessment plans are considered extensions of this overview plan and will guide the individual program assessment efforts.


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