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We’re committed to providing a well–rounded college experience.

We’re constantly working to provide a vast range of student opportunities in community engagement, research and field experience. We aim to ensure that every graduate of the Adelphi’s College of Arts and Sciences is grounded in both theory and practical experience—and thoroughly prepared to make an impact.

Dean’s Office

Sam L. Grogg

Sam L Grogg, Ph.D.
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4125
e –

Susan Briziarell

Susan Briziarelli, Ph.D
Associate Dean
Science Building, Room 123A
p – 516.877.4118
e – 

Dr. Tuval Foguel Tuval Foguel, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Science Building, Room 122
p – 516.877.4140
e –
Ruth McShane Ruth McShane, Ph.D
Assistant Dean
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4121
e –
Blythe Daylong Blyth Daylong
Executive Director of the Performing Arts Center
PAC, Room 237 
p – 516.237.4208
e –
Gary Shechter Gary Schechter
Math and Science Coordinator
Science Building, Room 121
p – 516.877.4180
e –

Department Chairs


Anagnostis Agelarakis
Science Building, Room 230
p – 516.877.4112
e –


Alan R. Schoenfeld
Science Building, Room 102
p – 516.877.4211
e –


Paul Thaler
Blodgett Hall, Room 113A
p – 516.877.4918
e –


Peter West
Harvey Hall, Room 216
p – 516.877.4027
e –

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Raysa Amador
Science Building, Room 216B
p – 516.877.4054
e –


Sidney Boquiren
Performing Arts Center, Room 209
p – 516.877.6767
e –


Gottipaty Rao
Blodgett Hall, Room 8A
p – 516.877.4877
e –


Deborah Little
Blodgett Hall, Room 102A
p – 516.877.4113
e –

Art and Art History

Geoffrey Grogan
Blodgett Hall, Room 318
p – 516.877.4465
e –


Maria Nagan
Science Building, Room 202
p – 516.877.4138
e –


Frank Augustyn
Performing Arts Center, Room 150
p – 516.877.4251
e –


Michael S. Christofferson
Blodgett Hall, Room 200C
p – 516.877.4796
e –

Mathematics and Computer Science

Christopher Storm
Post Hall, Room 208
p – 516.877.4494
e –


Paul Mattick
Alumnae Hall Annex I
p – 516.877.4578
e –

Political Science

Regina Axelrod
Blodgett Hall, Room 202A
p – 516.877.4591
e –


Nicholas Petron
Performing Arts Center, Room 256
p – 516.877.4931
e –

Program Directors

African, Black and Caribbean Studies

Marsha Darling
Alumnae Quad Annex, Room 1
p – 516.877.4981
e –

General Studies

Daniel Rosenberg
Science Building, Room 305
p – 516.877.3445
e –

Levermore Global Scholars

Susan Briziarelli
Science Building, Room 123A
p – 516.877.4118
e –

Environmental Studies

Beth Christensen
Science Building, Room 220
p – 516.877.4174
e –

International Studies

Nicole Rudolph
Science Building, Room 214
p – 516.877.4052
e –

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