June 26, 2017
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Adelphi University’s Ephemeral Exhibition Featured by FiOS1 Push Pause

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by Amanda Hayman '17

On Wednesday, April 26, the Adelphi University community came together to enjoy a day of sand art, music and dance for the University’s last Ephemeral Exhibition celebration, which featured sand artist Joe Mangrum, dance choreographer and alumna Melissa Riker and composer Sidney Boquiren.

Mangrum, who created a colorful and dazzling piece of sand art in front of the University’s Swirbul Library that was later deconstructed by Riker’s dance troupe, explained to FiOS1 Push Pause in an interview why he works with sand and his artistic process.

“Sand is just a unique thing that grabs people’s eyes. It’s different than chalk in a lot of ways, people think it’s chalk sometimes, but it’s really textured and flows differently. I went from paint to ephemeral materials like flowers, seeds, berries, auto-parts, computer parts, making large-scale installations and came into the sand about 10 years ago,” said Mangrum.“I think if you look at my work you’ll say that’s Joe Mangrum. It’s pretty easy to identify my style, but it varies to this biological state to fire and different angular shapes sometimes and not so symmetrical things. When I start I just take bags of color and just start improvising.”

Push Pause also spoke with Carson A. Fox, associate professor in the art and art history department, who is the founder and creator of the Ephemeral exhibits at Adelphi.

“Initially the idea was to create something that would bring us together as a community here at Adelphi, but also acknowledge the fact that a lot of the things that we study and a lot of the things that we do are temporary in Ephemeral,” said Fox.

Watch the full interviews and coverage on Push Pause.  

Joe Mangrum creating his sand art at Adelphi University.

Tagged: College of Arts and Sciences, Adelphi University