Online Resources

How to Publish Your Work

Video series from University Affairs, Canada

Turning a Thesis Into a Book

Helpful Guides for Scholarly Authors

Publishing Your Scholarly Book, Part 1

Publishing Your Scholarly Book, Part 2

Research and Grants

“Getting Research Done” – Rachel Narehood Austin, for Science Careers

“A Guide to NSF Success” – Lynette D. Madsen, for Science Careers

Grant Writing: The Secret of Getting Funded and a Set of Quick Tips – Mary Cortina, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 

Professional Development is a tool to push you to write 750 words per day and think The Artist’s Way. It’s online, but it’s not blogging, tweeting, or Facebook status updating. This is a private exercise between you and you. 

7 Tips for Time Management:
Manage Distractions to Protect Your Uninterrupted Time

Writing Letters of Recommendation

The Long and the Short of It: Writing Student Letters of Recommendation (PDF 24KB)
By Susan Briziarelli, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Suggestions on Writing Letters of Recommendation (PDF 26KB)
By Lawrence Hobbie, Dept. of Biology, with advice from Drs. Susan Briziarelli & Charles Shopsis

Further Refinements: Handling the Easiest Case, the In-Between Case, and the Most Difficult Case (PDF 60KB)
By Cynthia Verba, from GSAS Guide for Teaching Fellows On Writing Letters Of Recommendation

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