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Spring 2014 Issue

Making Global Learning Personal

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This issue of The Catalyst focuses on the College’s many global learning and engagement initiatives. The articles highlight the work of students, faculty and staff who are committed to the simple fact that the world is not someplace else.

Our world—and if we are to truly claim that it is ours—stretches beyond our campus geographic boundaries and across the barriers of language, culture, society, economics and technology. It is a world of faraway lands that are connected like never before. We hold this world in the palm of our hand on mobile devices that allow us to see and speak with one another in just seconds-delayed real time. And our educational institutions are facilitating new and aggressive international collaborations and learning experiences as essential to the learning mission.

The study of the world, its history, cultures, literatures, customs and governments is not new to us at all. Those pull-down maps and spinning earth globes have been fixtures in our classrooms for time immemorial.

But, over the past few decades, the educational landscape has embraced a new global reality. Our technologically mediated digital environment is alive with 24/7 global input. We no longer just ask students to memorize maps and learn languages as a complement to their educational pursuits. Our curricular missions propel faculty and students to dig into learning of international relationships, governmental systems, economic and social issues and the nature and unrelenting resilience of international conflict along with the equally determined quest for peace.

Our challenge is to find ways to use this new global connectedness to tackle the global issues of our collective future. Climate change, poverty, hunger, health, human rights, urban infrastructure and agrarian sustainability are challenges to every corner of our Earth. These are the pressures that we face whether here in Long Island, New York, or in Mumbai, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Darfur, Sudan; Bangkok, Thailand; or Kiev, Ukraine. None of us gets a pass on these global game changers. So, it is through education and informed engagement that we make differences—individually, collectively and, yes, globally.

Adelphi’s College of Arts and Sciences takes the global imperative personally, as is demonstrated by the stories of the students and faculty who fill these pages. We take global responsibility personally because Adelphi’s learning experience makes it personal.

Sam L Grogg

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