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College of Arts and Sciences Leadership

We’re committed to providing a well–rounded college experience.

We’re constantly working to provide a vast range of student opportunities in community engagement, research and field experience. We aim to ensure that every graduate of the Adelphi’s College of Arts and Sciences is grounded in both theory and practical experience—and thoroughly prepared to make an impact.

Dean’s Office

Vincent WangVincent Wang
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4125
e –

Ruth McShane, Ph.DRuth McShane, PhD
Senior Assistant Dean
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4121
e –

Blyth DaylongBlyth Daylong
Executive Director of the Performing Arts Center
Performing Arts Center, Room 237 
p – 516.877.4208
e –

Tuval FoguelTuval Foguel
Interim Associate Dean
Science Building, Room 416
p – 516.877.4483
e –

Maggie Lally
Associate Dean
Science Building, Room 123A
p – 516.877.4928
e –

Department Chairs

Hanna Kim
Alumnae Hall, Room 213
p – 516.877.4115
e –

Andrea Ward
Science Building, Room 102
p – 516.877.4204
e –

Margaret M. Cassidy
Blodgett Hall, Room 111D
p – 516.877.4905
e –

Louise Geddes
Harvey Hall, Room 216
p – 516.877.3808
e –

Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Raysa Amador
Alumnae Hall, Room 109
p – 516.877.4054
e –

Sidney Boquiren
Performing Arts Center, Room 208
p – 516.877.6767
e –

Matthew Wright
Blodgett Hall, Room 002A
p – 516.877.4843
e –

Jacqueline Johnson
Blodgett Hall, Room 105D
p – 516.877.3826
e –

Art and Art History
Kellyann P. Monaghan
Blodgett Hall, Room 301
p – 516.877.4466
e –

Brian Stockman
Science Building, Room 34
p – 516.877.4139
e –

Orion Duckstein
Performing Arts Center, Room 150
p – 516.877.4254
e –

Edward Reno
Blodgett Hall, Room 200F
p – 516.877.4789
e –

Mathematics and Computer Science
Salvatore J. Petrilli
Science Building, Room 414
p – 516.877.4488
e –

Shawn Kaplan
Alumnae Hall Annex I
p – 516.877.4576
e –

Political Science
Traci Levy
Blodgett Hall, Room 202A
p – 516.877.4595
e –

Nicholas Petron
Performing Arts Center, Room 256
p – 516.877.4931
e –

Program Directors

African, Black and Caribbean Studies
Marsha J. Tyson Darling, PhD
Alumnae Quad Annex, Room 1
p – 516.877.4981
e –

Environmental Studies
Brian T. Wygal
Science Building, Room 302
p – 516.877.4111
f – 516.877.4485
e –

International Studies
Katie V. Laatikainen
Blodgett Hall, Room 202E
p – 516.877.4597
e –

Criminal Justice
Stephanie Lake
Blodgett Hall, Room 105C
p – 516.877.4941
e –

General Studies
Carla Deazle
Post Hall Annex, Room 5
p – 516.877.3405
e –

Levermore Global Scholars
Cindy Maguire, PhD
Academic Director
Science Building, Room 123A
p – 516.877.4049
e –

Peter DeBartolo
Administrative Director
Alumnae Hall, Room 209 
p – 516.237.8627
e –

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College of Arts and Sciences
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4120