Mentor Responsibilities

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby

Faculty mentors are expected to fulfill specific responsibilities:

  • If at all possible, mentors should contact mentees sometime during late summer, before the school year begins. Mentors may or may not be able to meet the mentees at that time.

  • Mentors should meet with new faculty members after orientation has taken place. Mentees will be processing the vast amount of information they have received, and may have questions or need clarification. Though mentors are not expected to have all the answers, they should be able to refer mentees to the appropriate sources.

  • Mentors should communicate with the Chairs or Directors to let them know how the faculty member is doing. Again, mentors should not reveal any confidential information, but should be able to give a general report. Conversely, the Chairs or Directors can make suggestions to the mentors, or ask them to pass on information.

  • When the new faculty members are preparing their annual faculty review form, mentors should be available to help them through the process. While it is not, of course, necessary that mentors be wielding binders and hole punchers, the new faculty members might appreciate that the mentor has taken a first look-through to make sure everything is in place.

  • When possible, mentors should help mentees establish a reasonable scholarly agenda that will satisfy College requirements and further the new faculty members’ career in the profession in general.

  • Everyone feels overwhelmed at some point, and new faculty members are no different. Helping a mentee sort out priorities is a task that can often avoid a great deal of stress later on.

  • Mentors should help mentees network, introducing them to colleagues, staff, and administrators. Outside the University, mentors can, when possible, help mentees develop relationships in the profession.

For more information on faculty mentoring, please contact:

Susan Briziarelli
Assistant Provost for Global Affairs
Office of the Provost
p – 516.877.4118
e –

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