“The New Faculty Member” – Rebecca Brent and Richard M. Felder, from  Chemical Engineering Education, Summer 1998, p. 206-207

“Things I Wish They Had Told Me” – Richard M. Felder,  from Chemical Engineering Education, Spring 1994, p. 108-109

“First Steps for Faculty” – from Successful Academic

What New Faculty Need to Know – from the Adelphi Office of the Provost


lang_coverLife on the Tenure Track
James M. Lang
The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.

“In this fast-paced and lively account, Jim Lang asks—and mostly answers—the questions that confront every new faculty member as well as those who dream of becoming new faculty members: Will my students like me? Will my teaching schedule allow me time to do research and write? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life in this profession? Is anyone awake in the backrow?”

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boice_coverAdvice for New Faculty Members
Robert Boice
Allyn and Bacon, 2000.

“Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus is a unique and essential guide to the start of a successful academic career. As its title suggests (nothing in excess), it advocates moderation in ways of working, based on the single-most reliable difference between new faculty who thrive and those who struggle.”

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Adelphi Resources

Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE)
The center is a vital part in the promotion of new technologies, pedagogies and professional development for faculty. Via workshops and one-on-one training/guidance, the Center offers assistance with online course development, use of Moodle, video conferencing, media production, and more.

Committee on Teaching and Advisement
This subcommittee of the Adelphi Faculty Senate promotes outstanding teaching and advisement at Adelphi.

Employee Assisted Housing Program
Looking for your first home? Find out how Adelphi can help full-time employees with downpayment assistance.

Campus and Area Maps

Public Transportation Information

Garden City Local Guide
Places to eat, shop, and do business in the area.

For more information on faculty mentoring, please contact:

Susan Briziarelli
Assistant Provost for Global Affairs
Office of the Provost
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