Online Resources

How to Publish Your Work

Video series from University Affairs, Canada

Turning a Thesis Into a Book

Helpful Guides for Scholarly Authors

Publishing Your Scholarly Book, Part 1

Publishing Your Scholarly Book, Part 2

Research and Grants

“Getting Research Done” – Rachel Narehood Austin, for Science Careers

“A Guide to NSF Success” – Lynette D. Madsen, for Science Careers

Grant Writing: The Secret of Getting Funded and a Set of Quick Tips – Mary Cortina, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 

Professional Development is a tool to push you to write 750 words per day and think The Artist’s Way. It’s online, but it’s not blogging, tweeting, or Facebook status updating. This is a private exercise between you and you. 

7 Tips for Time Management:
Manage Distractions to Protect Your Uninterrupted Time

Writing Letters of Recommendation

Further Refinements: Handling the Easiest Case, the In-Between Case, and the Most Difficult Case (PDF)
By Cynthia Verba, from GSAS Guide for Teaching Fellows On Writing Letters Of Recommendation

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