Proposed Itinerary

Explore the itinerary for Adelphi in Australia.

Please note: This itinerary from past years will serve as the model for future programs and may change prior to the trip.

Day 1

Travel Day

Flight to Cairns via L.A. The travel time is about 22 hours, but this day takes up two calendar days, because we are flying over the International Date Line.

treetops in the Australian rainforest

Day 2-3


We stay at the centrally located Northern Greenhouse, adjust to the time change, and learn about the different rainforest ecosystems in the magnificent botanical gardens. You’ll also be introduced to the aboriginal culture and the problems aborigines continue to face.

Alligator in Australia

Day 4-5

Lowland Rainforest (Cow Bay/Cape Tribulation)

We explore the lowland rainforest north of the Daintree River, while staying at Crocodylus Village in the middle of the jungle. We will explore the coast line, a truly remarkable spot where the two World Heritage sites meet (Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics): the rainforest grows up the water’s edge where the reef starts. We will also have guided night walks to observe the forest when it “wakes up”; most rain forest animals are active at night. 

We visit the following sites:

Day 6-7


We spend the first day in Kuranda, which is a now somewhat commercialized hippie village that is still excellent to eat alternative healthy food, to buy original souvenirs at the Heritage Market or the Aborigine coop, and to observe wild life at the Butterfly Sanctuary or the Koala Gardens (where you can actually hold and cuddle a real Koala). We will then take the cable car over and through the rain forest canopy down to Cairns, where we stay at the Northern Greenhouse one night.

The second day is a free day in Cairns and e.g. could be used to go scuba diving. We’ll take an overnight bus to Gladstone, from where we take the boat to Heron Island.

Students scuba-dive in Australia

Day 8-18 

Heron Island (Great Barrier Reef)

We stay at the Research Station of the University of Queensland and survey extensively the coral reef biodiversity at various sites around the island by snorkeling for about 2 hours per day.

Most snorkeling excursions involve boat trips and we do at least one twilight snorkel and one night snorkel to observe all those incredible creatures that are active only after sun set. Optional diving opportunities exist through the neighboring resort.

Central to our stay on the Island are independent research projects involving reef systems conducted by students in small groups. We can make full use of the top-notch facilities at the research station, e.g. the extensive library, the modern computer and research labs, flow-through tanks, etc.

Day 19


The Gladstone region is known for extensive mining. Although Gladstone harbor is within the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef, it is home to the world’s fourth largest coal exporting terminal, which is currently expanded, as well as an aluminum smelter. We tour at least one coal mine and learn about the enormous environmental challenges the Great Barrier Reef faces due to mining-related activities.

Day 20-21


We enjoy one free day in this great city. A perfect place to start, should you decide to stay and explore Australia/Asia on your own after the course.

Sunset over Syndey

Day 22

Travel Day

Return to New York via L.A.

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